Friendship Growing-Battery Killing App 2

As I write this I’m communicating with one of my best friends through a killer app called “HeyTell“. I believe they have only released it for the iphone currently, but hopefully it’ll be included on your phone in the near future. It basically allows us to use our phones in a “push to talk” fashion. Much like Nextel, or for those of us who remember them, walkie talkies. Without affecting our voice or texting plans, HeyTell runs off our data plan. As soon as I am finished talking and release the button, it sends him the voice message and starts playing on his phone. If his app is not open, he will get a push notification telling him that a new message is waiting for him on HeyTell.

One draw back. The battery seems to drain a bit more. Now, my response is, you take the good with the bad. Because honestly, are we expecting to have a conversation occur from the west coast to the east coast without using energy? And to me, it’s worth the trouble to have to charge my phone a few times more a day if it means I’ll communicate with a friend more often. All of this to say, do what you need to do in order to cultivate and grow your relationships!

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