A phone call.

It’s interesting how some events impact the trajectory of your life’s story. In 2014 I transitioned web host servers, and in the process lost a large selection of blog posts documenting our life and struggles with it over the past few years. Instead of moving forward with writing, denying the […]

Craving Community

When I was in fourth grade, I remember lining up during recess to pick teams for a game of soccer. Even in fourth grade we had popular students, and Tim was one of those! He was always the team captain, and I wanted to be on his team. Names were […]

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid, I used to dream of being many important things in life. I would sit in my room role-playing myself as the “best quarterback since Joe Montana.” Quietly, so my parents wouldn’t hear me, I’d call out a play – usually pretty basic being around 10 […]

Life is like oatmeal. 1

In my ever pursuing attempts to live a healthier lifestyle, sometimes I break away from my routine of Cocoa Puffs in the morning and bust out a bowl of oatmeal. This was one of those mornings. I don’t usually think much about my oatmeal, but my shot of espresso may […]

Threadbare couches 1

Yesterday our team (from Open Life) had the opportunity to attend the Catalyst One Day conference, held at The City Church in Kirkland. I’m still processing a lot of what was covered, attempting to analyze what I agree with, what I question, what I need to change, and where my […]

Jesus the rock star! 1

I can see it now! Imagining that the New Testament had not been about the son of God becoming personified, but instead Jesus displaying himself in the 21st century for the first time. Sitting here at Starbucks, I daydream about this moment and I envision what it would possibly look […]

Friendship Growing-Battery Killing App 2

As I write this I’m communicating with one of my best friends through a killer app called “HeyTell“. I believe they have only released it for the iphone currently, but hopefully it’ll be included on your phone in the near future. It basically allows us to use our phones in […]

I have a pet named ‘Peavey’

Okay, so maybe not a real pet, but I’ve noticed that my pet- we’ll call him Peavey” likes to wag his butt every now and then. I’m realizing that I am super particular about some things. I find it very difficult to use something, and not put it back as […]

So Random

“Some people call it ‘chance’.” One of my supervising brokers stated to me when I told him of the multiple conversations I was having with people regarding real estate, before I’ve gone through any training. From meeting a couple who are moving over from Spokane, to an owner of a […]